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ABOUT Who is Jamielisa? Jamielisa is already a well known International DJ across the London Club Circuit as she currently holds 4 residencies in the UK when she is in town. The Ignite Group with top class venue Eclipse Kensington and Walton Street, Inception groups leading night clubs with a weekly residency at Bunga Bunga’s Brazilian club Cocobanana, she has multiple residency world wide, taking the decks of New York and Chicago’s STK and Asalina, and currently spinning each Thursday at STK London. And her weekend slot in the rooftop bar Radio Rooftop. She also presents her own radio show on 99.3fm ‘Select radio’ hosting every Tuesday 10-12pm In addition to her flourishing DJ career, she has had the capacity to catch the eye of international suitors with her unique Bass house and tropical sound, Expanding her worldwide appeal as a breakthrough musical visionary in the field of DJing, Jamielisa has been flown worldwide to revolutionize music with guest appearances in the Illustrious “Cafe del Mar Australia, Holding a Summer Residency in Quinta De Lago Portugal. Featuring in Magazines such as TIMEOUT Mag and this year alone has flown to Bahrain to play at the four seasons for the Formula 1, Toured America with her international Booking agents SET Management, and has had private gigs in Croatia, Turkey and Poland this year alone with established Management company High on Heels. With a Top 10 single in the beatport charts and also having featured on another 5 released singles, Jamielisa’s talents within the field of Music are clearly apparent and in recent months has debuted numerous bootlegs with top supporters from ‘House Bootlegs’ among others. And most recent release was the anticipated summer remix of Lauryn Hill’s Doo Wop ‘That Thing’ with over 5000 playes and various radio stations supporting her remix. With a vast knowledge of all musical genre’s fused with her passion for a pioneering deep-house tropical vibe, Jamielisa will be Londons stand out unique artist that everyone will want to keep on listening to.