Love Me A Little High Tech-House
Tech House


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With a fanbase of more than 100,000 followers Pynappol is available for collaborations, co-productions and remixes. How can you forget such a universally appealing and positive icon?

The man behind this act started producing Techno music at a very young age, back in the mid 90s, he was signed to a few labels in Europe and USA and was performing as a DJ in a 10,000 capacity club near his town.

He entered the Shazam Top 100 chart with the best selling release Heavens Doorbell and some other Top 10 charts suchs as Soundcloud, Juno Donwload and much more.

Pynappol is running his own label, Vitamin Hertz, and he is the director and main producer/engineer.

Genres: Progressive House, Big Room House.
DJ set: 1-3 hours.
Maximum: 12 hours, flat fee. You only pay once!
Available for more gigs in different venues, as long as the time for gigs + travel does not exceed 12 hours.

Main influences: Techno, Acid Techno, Progressive House, Acid House, Trance.