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Tea Guarascio

Tea Guarascio
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Tea Guarascio

TEA GUARASCIO [ 1974 ] Photographer & Multimedia Artist. Cosmopolitan, nightlife, restless: Her heart beats at least at 180 B.P.M. She loves experimenting within diverse media languages, avoiding any limits in her creation, until her brain and her heart stops beating. With her personal and provocative style, She crossed the boundaries of the still image, to move into hybrid territories of audiovisual contamination: between performance, dance, documentary, 3D generative experiment, sound and any other art form. Collaborates and publishes as a photographer for various magazines, newspapers and art books. Rome, Berlin and Barcelona are the cities where where She realized various creations and more than a hundred exhibitions amongst photography, video art, performances and other art events. She collaborating with Ob-art productions co-producer of her video art work and international labels distributor. EX-Bass player, Tea Guarascio in 2015 started to produce her first LP : KOMMEN in the same time a new evolution of her A/V Performances. All her tracks are registered in real time...every live is different, an emotional journey, pills of melodies, noises and techno drums.