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A brand new life started for a new blood in 1982. Demir Baran, a dedicated follower of alternative sound and its science was born. His philosophy in music was based on the deep frequencies of physics, vibrations and psycho-active cognitional differentiations and its adaptations in music. he has run two projects. One of them was called WiccaX in which he harmonized IDM and Glitch with Classical music. He released Detect via GroovoLogic Records in 2010. The other project he had besides Wiccax was demir baran, carrying his own name, Weighted with melancholy, Berlinesk sound. His first EP was released from Crystallight Records, named Minimal Ego. then All in Mind single was released by M-Vitamine Records. Quantum, single took place in Reduckt Digitals Particular 9 compilation, in 2010 he signed with Groovologic then released in order, Punkt EP Vergehende Zeit EP Nature (single) A Day With Smie (single) Sci-Fi (single) Traumfanger (single) Traumfanger got on Beatports minimal top 100 chart then rose up to the 23th. nowadays, Demirs mostly performing his performances live , playing his sets filled up with his originals work arranged towards the crowds, beautifully.