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Dj Sinestro
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Dj Sinestro

Dj Sinestro Aka Mirrored Shades, Darik Wyldstar and Kuromaku (Composite, The Seed, Pound Recordings, One Love Massive) Some facts on me. ∑ Has been spinning Professionally since 1994 ∑ Has spun countless parties/Clubs/Raves in every major city in the USA. (Seriously. I donít know how many but Itís a lot.) ∑ Has 3 other Monikers he uses for other styles of music. o Sinestro = Techno and house on the harder tip. o Kuromaku = Breakbeats and electro (old school electro like Nucleus BEEEOTCH) o Mirrored Shades = A partnership with Dj JennR8 producing House music all night long. Deep and chunky. and Darik Wyldstar = Another House Moniker I have started up producing Funky, Chunky House. ∑ Has 22 releases including 4 on vinyl through Woody Mcbrideís Communique Label and Frankie Bonesís Hard to Swallow Label. o When you book me you are booking unique music that is made by me and that you will only hear in my dj sets. I make it a point to make songs specifically for the gig that will never be released. ∑ Has thrown countless parties/club nights/raves (Again I seriously donít remember how many. Itís a lot). Highlights here include working with Scott Henry/John Tab making the ultra badass Buzz nights at Nation in Washington DC successful. o When you book me itís with the understanding that I know how a night is supposed to flow and when to play the correct songs. I wonít bang the shit out of your club night if Iím playing early or in the small room. ∑ Pricewise, is very reasonable and can work with any promoter to ensure success for both parties. I am not a dick that thinks I deserve thousands of dollars. Contact me and we can work it out! o No really call me or email me. I am super cool. o Also fun to be around! ∑ Contact : o Facebooks - o Soundclouds - o Beatports - o Discogs -