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DJ Tchok

Deep House
DJ Tchok
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DJ Tchok
Deep House

DJ Tchok is on a mission: to make music for your soul... Hailing from France, DJ Tchoks early musical background has a particularly divine influence. At the age of 11 he was tutored to play the piano by a priest! As a result, he was naturally drawn to Gospel and Soul. However his love for music was by no means limited and also extended into Funk and electronic sounds. At the age of 20, DJ Tchok launched his DJ career, providing eager ears with an eclectic mix of Drum and Bass, Funk, and Hip-Hop. A few years later saw him enter into the realms of House, particularly with a Deep House and Tribal House flavour. To express all these influences that were close to his heart, DJ Tchok devoted a further 5 years to music production. The fruits of his labour can be found on Artefact Rec, Green House Rec, Manyoma Rec, Far Down Rec, Cat in the Attic, and Sheeva Records. His DJ skills continue to be in demand with regular guest mixes on D3EP Radio Network. Let his latest release Birdy on Artefact soothe your soul...