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FAVELA MUSIC > THE ORIGINAL MIX CULTURE WORLD STYLE > ((((( From the underground to the Mainstream. ))))) > Officially since 20th July 2006 when we just started the Cultural Mooviment of Dances, Arts & FAVELA MUSIC, coming around the Brasil and all over the world, working on so many Projects, Actions, Products and Cultural Programes with a lot of National & International Artists and Partnerships, until by now; Such as: Black Alien (BRA), BNegão (BRA), Mr.Catra (BRA), Bing Man (BRA); Brunao Sueiro (BRA), VINIMAX (BRA), BIGULÍ (BRA), Shaka Genaro (República Dominica), Midnite and Dezarie (Virgin Island), Israel Vibration and Eek-a-Mouse (Jamaica), King Kamonzi (Chicago), also we have accomplished over 50 international events all over the country, even together with the Hip Hop/Freestyle Founder Afrika Bambaataa (USA) as well, beyond others Parties, Shows, Events, Festivals and Artists from the Dances, Arts & Music from the Ghettos Community; ON nearly 200 Projects accomplished and more to make it happen all over the World; > Always getting infinite influences and refferences such as the Candombe, Jongo, Samba, Partido Alto, Jazz, Berimbau/Capoeira, Funk, Ska, Reggae, Dub, Dance Hall, RaggaMuffin, Afrobeat, Tropicália, Rap, RnB/Hip Hop, Funk Carioca, Manguebeat among others sonorities original from the ghettos from Brasil, Jamaica, NYC, and Everywhere; > In 2014 during the World Cup Football Soccer we recorded the First Collab at Montevideo Uruguai with some partners friends the soundtrack RESPECT music to the documentary When the Ants dream by Turky Director Bozkurt Pallanduz. At the moment in Studio recording THE NUMBER ONE” Music, our first song of the album, it will be the Soundtrack from the Documentary already filmed about that original culture. One of the goals is to do original Music and to grow expanding our good feeling from to our people since from our ghettos communities favelas, living, or surviving across of the states, as well on whole the country and automatically around the world; IN a global vision connection for all. > We are Enjoying that great moment together with Who is identifying with our culture, at Peace, Happiness & LUV!