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J. Climaxx

J. Climaxx
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J. Climaxx

I came from nothing, but I appreciate everything... Sounds like 2pac lil brother combined with Biggie nefew but with the soulful vioce of Nate Dogg & the workaholic motivation & drive of lil Wayne. Jamal Climaxx, Articulate Pure Talent.. Gainesville, Georgia borned & raised I grew up in poverty learning the hard way how to deal with the harsh realities of life on the underprivileged side.. I Appreciate You Listening, Sharing, Downloading & Vibin to my Vibes.. For some time now Ive been reaching out trying to connect with good people like you.. Im so lucky to be able to write you today & tell you that you have made a real difference in my life. I would like to personally shout out anyone who supports my music.. Charismatic & mentally balanced, fresh style, swagger & substance paired to creative abstract innovative beats gives you the full CLIMAXX experience!! Contact me directly by e-mail or message me for my phone number. Im looking for collaborations & features. I thank God for every second He allows to me to live out my dream & make real music from the heart and soul..