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Joey Bush

Joey Bush
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Joey Bush

Arts, nature, and people inspires him in his career. For Joey, the meaning of life, is to convert his accumulated adventurous feelings into a journey of vibrational emotions. His first official Techno remix for Matadors (IE) Handbagass EP was released by the famous Trapez Recordings (Germany) The EP was played live by... Butch, Orde Meikle, Slam, Joseph Capriati, Michel de Hey, Paco Osuna, Fergie, Deepgroove, John Digweed, Mihalis Safras, Taster Peter, Steve Parry, Electric Indigo, Jens Lissat, Frank Sonic, Jules de Pearl, Christian Martin, Andrew Technique, King Unique, Scratch Massive, Zidan. It has won the supports of such respected artists like... Joseph Capriati, Fergie, Christian Martin, Michel De Hey, Zidan. He also created a different project, the `Audiotherapists` with his talented paintress friend, Beatrice Szoke, who is famous about her venturous hair-raising masterpieces. They are combining arts in their own unique way on this breathtakingly magical planet.