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Young Gifted

Young Gifted
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Young Gifted

Young Gifted, a creative, talented and independent artist that was born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, but grew up in Rockland County, New York, is pleased and excited to announce that his recently dropped project was an instant hit and outright success. Entitled and dubbed as ‘Play II Win,’ this highly anticipated mixtape was actually the first project of Young Gifted following the release of his hit single “About Us.” It is noteworthy to mention that ‘Play II Win’ started enjoying massive rave and reviews both online and offline, from the very first day (October 31st 2015) it was released via Soundcloud. This indeed is a notable achievement, owing to his creativity, gifting, ingenuity, and hard work. After releasing his debut Video About Us directed by Luis Gomez Films, which got over 150k views from Haiti and DR on Facebook. Young Gifted manage to perform along side Mainstream Haitian Artist like, Alan Cave, JBeats, Jean Jean Roosevelt and Is scheduled to do a show with Wendyyy on September 25th in Santiago DR. It’s no wonder he has been rightly described as ‘an artist with the mind of a Genius.’ A spokesperson of Young Gifted said; “Since it was dropped, the mixtape has been featured on many online blogs, radios and magazines. By the way, none of these media channels were paid by Young Gifted to talk about his song.” “In addition, his hit single ‘About Us,’ is still having and enjoying tremendous success on Soundcloud and Youtube. We are absolutely delighted about the success of the first project of Young Gifted, and we know everyone out there would be pleased with the songs” Fans and lovers of Young Gifted can listen to ‘About Us’ by visiting the following link - - -